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Affordable Cheap Baby prams

Do you want to buy a pram for your newborn, but have budget limitations? No worries. There are different models of prams available in the market in different prices. You can choose the best model that is available within your budget and that is convenient for your little one. This pram is must have baby accessory in every newborn’s home. This accessory makes parenting really easy for the new parents without letting them to hold their babies in their arms while doing household chores or while going out. This pram lets kids to sit comfortably in the padded seat for a long time and sleep. More importantly, this pram is equipped with canopy to give high protection for the kids from the sun, winds and other environmental elements when they are taken out. The reclining seat will let baby to sit, rest and sleep in it. These prams are lightweight and are easy to fold and hold with a single hand while travelling. Moreover, the fabric used in the prams is skin-friendly. More importantly, the storage baskets, cup holders and trays will let you put baby essentials and your things in it. This stroller is also equipped with brakes, thus letting you to keep the strolling speed under your control.

Undeniably, baby loves to stroll in the pram every day. This helps baby to enjoy the outside world when they parents take them out by strapping them in the pram while shopping, jogging walking or to the neighborhood parks. This gives a pleasurable and joyous ride for the kids that they love to go in it every day without missing.

Few of the things you need to keep in mind while choosing the best and Cheap Baby prams for your little darlings

Budget: Prams are available in different budgets. You need to choose from the models that are available within your budget range rather than exceeding it. If you travel a lot, then you need to pick the prams that are easy to fold and slide into the car without any trouble within your budget. If you have a budget in mind, it would be easy to pick one with the features you are looking for in a pram.

Easy to use: The pram you buy should be easy to fold with a single hand and without anyone’s assistance. It is always good for you to look for the pram that is compact and lightweight. This occupies a little space and is highly convenient for you to stroll

Able to stroll in terrains: If you are buying Cheap Baby prams, ensure that you can use it is in the crowded places and in the streets. However, if you dwell in terrains areas and love to go for trekking with your kids, then you need to buy the pram that can be comfortably strolled on murky and uneven surfaces. If you like in the urban areas, then you need to look for umbrella prams.

Easy to fold: You need to look for the pram that is easy to fold with one hand while holding your baby or their accessories in the other hand. This lets you to fold and unfold with ease besides allowing you to fit this pram in the car without any hassle.

Recommended cheap strollers

With the availability of umpteen choices, it is required for you to choose the safe and convenient pram for you and your baby. However, here we are discussing about the pros and cons of cheap prams, from which you can choose the one that suits your baby needs and budget. After reading each review, you can decide which one to buy.

Mamakiddies 3-in-1 Baby Pram, Stroller and Jogger

If you want to take your baby to the party or for shopping, then you can take it now buy strapping them in the pram. This is perfect for the baby of 0 to 4 years of age. This three wheel pram comes with five point harness to assure high safety of kids when they are strolled in terrains and bumpy roads. This is easy to fold, lightweight and carry. More importantly, this has reclining seat that lets kids to sit, rest and sleep comfortably. The adjustable foot rest will let your growing child to rest without any congestion. This is easy to fold with single hand. The ergonomic hand grip will let parents to stroll their hands for hours together without hurting their hands. The storage basket allows you to keep things. The canopy will protect kids from the sun. The wheels are easy to remove while transition. The lockable wheels assure high safety of kids.


  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Equipped with five point harness
  • Easy to adjust bar
  • Reclining back
  • Easy to hold with single hand


Little shaky and unstable

Final Verdict: This pram system is the budget friendly pram that lets new parents to take their kids everywhere along with them without any hassle.

Single Upright Buggy – Hearts

This is the perfect baby stroller for the newborns to go out for quick trips with the parents. This is lightweight and easy to carry. The five point harness will protect the kids from hurting their cute legs and teeth while they are strolled on bumpy roads. The front swivel wheels provide additional protection for the kids. The canopy will protect the kids from the sun and other environmental elements. The ample footrest lets kids to stretch their legs comfortably and sit.


  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store and fold


  • Does not have basket to store things
  • Little unstable when you take this pram on terrains

Final Verdict: This is perfect to take along with your on holidays to put your babies in it and take them along with you while exploring the new place. This is budget and travel friendly.

R for Rabbit Poppins – An Ideal Pram – Baby Stroller for Moms (Blue Black)

This lightweight baby stroller is perfect to be purchased by new parents to take their kids for ride every day. This pram is safe and comfortable for the newborns to sit for hours together when you take them outdoors or for shopping. This old hand fold will let you to fold the pram while holding your baby in the other hand. This lightweight pram stroller will allow you to take this along with you while travelling. This reversible hand will let kids either face their moms or towards the world. The mom facing seat will let moms to have fun conversation with their newborn. The equipped cup hold and tray will let you to put baby essentials in it. The multi reclining position allows baby to sit, rest and sleep.


  • One hand fold
  • Equipped with canopy to protect kids from the sun and wind
  • Lightweight
  • Can stroll this pram on pavements, grass, mud and gravel roads
  • Five point harness assures high safety of kids
  • Removable meal tray and cup holders let your to keep baby essentials and bottles
  • Reversible handle


No Cons

Final Verdict: This is perfect to buy by the multi-tasking moms to assure safety and comfort of their child. When mom is in work, they can put their babies in the pram and do the work happily without worrying about their kid’s safely.


Product name Mamakiddies 3-in-1 Baby Pram, Stroller and Jogger Single Upright Buggy – Hearts R for Rabbit Poppins – An Ideal Pram – Baby Stroller for Moms (Blue Black)
Weight 12.5 kg 15kg 6 Kg
Rating 4/5 4.5/5 4.5/5
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Conclusion: If you are new parents, you cannot miss to buy this wonderful equipment for your kid. Moreover, you can gift this pram to your family friend or relative who has become a new parent. However, with the availability of umpteen pram options, it is challenging for the new parent to choose one. With little research, you can pick the best pram for your little one.