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Best Cheap Prams

The arrival of a new baby brings in many responsibilities. It also brings in the need to buy a lot of baby stuff that can give the necessary comfort to the baby. One such essential thing that must be bought for the baby is the carriage or stroller. But, it is not necessary that this basic necessary should get expensive on your pocket. There are many options of the baby stroller that delivers the desired quality and yet are cheap in price. These cheap prams often consider having low quality and are often doubt if they can deliver the desired features, but to the surprise of many people, these cheap pushchairs deliver the same quality as it is expected by a baby buggy of the high price. To balance your expenses along with getting the cheap stroller, you must explore the market and then make a wise decision to buy a pram.

How can you buy a pram in cheap price?

Buying a pram or pushchair under a limited price range may sound easy but it actually requires a lot of preparations before the actual purchase. While you go in the market to buy a pram or stroller you must focus on the following aspects so that you end up buying a pram that meets all your requirements and needs and fall in the desired price range.


  • Set a budget: The market is full of wide range of options even in the options of cheap prams, therefore, you must set a budget for your buying so that you can shortlist the product as per your decided budget.
  • Research the market: Before buying the pram you should do the market research properly. You must find out the areas that are famous for delivering prams of high quality and in lesser price. Post the research you can get the required double pram or triple pram.
  • Comparison: Make your final pick of the right baby pram after comparing the prams of different brands and companies. You can also check the pram online to get the best idea about the different varieties.


Different cheap prams:

Amidst the number of options available in the market, there are some of the prams that make the best of all. Here is the list of such recommended cheap prams that can be bought within a specified price range.


  • Single Upright Buggy: If you prefer simplicity and quality for your baby then this product will definitely win your heart. This little umbrella stroller is simple yet has all the necessary features that you may want in the pram of your baby. The product simply is a carriage for your baby but miss of many advanced things that the advanced prams have. You just have to invest $25 for this product.


Pros of the product:


Cheap rates

Fancy designs

Cons of the products:

No reclining seats

Tiny wheels

Final Verdict:

The product is suitable to be used on flat surfaces because of the tiny wheels. The seat of the pram is comfortable but it is not recommended for the infants so you can use it when your baby is little young.


  • Childcare Epix Stroller: The pram can be preferred for the newborn babies as the seats can easily recline and thus makes it easy for the baby to sit comfortably in it. The mattress pad is really comfortable and the attached hood can serve as a rain cover for the baby. It is a big hit amongst the parents as well. The product will just cost you $97.


Pros of the product:



Reclining seats

Cons of the product:

Does not offer travel system compatibility

Final Verdict:

The product is a great choice to be considered as the value of money. It is cheap yet can be used in many activities and in many areas without losing the essentiality of the pram.


  • Hipod I-Fold Stroller: The pram covers a variety of advanced features along with falling in the range of cheap price. This is a 3 wheel pram that is spacious for the use of the baby. It is highly flexible and thus can easily be adjusted in the car seat. It also includes enough space for carrying other baby stuff along. You can buy the product at a price of $229.


Pros of the product:

Large wheels

Nice grip

Spacious including space for carrying the extra stuff

Cons of the product:

Despite the large wheels, it is not preferred to be used in rough terrain

Final Verdict:

The product is a decent way for areas like playground, grass, shopping centers, etc. The large wheels of the product exhibit high performance in these areas. The handle of the pram delivers high grip. The covering hood and the flexibility of the pram make it compatible for a travel system.


  • Valco Double Delight: There could be nothing better than a twin pram for your twins. You can easily take both your babies along in this comfortable pram. The large wheels and the instant grip of the pram make it the best pick even for rough walking areas. The product will just cost you $229 but will help you to get rid of the fight to handle two babies at a time.


Pros of the product:

Can be used right from the birth of the child

Comfortable baggy

Organized space for both the babies

Spacious to carry a number of things along

Can be used even in rough areas

Cons of the product:

Managing the weight of the pram can be tough at times

Cannot be pulled with one hand

Final Verdict:

The product comes as a blessing for the parents who are struggling with the fight to take care of both the babies along with managing their routine work with them. The reclining seats of the prams are an added advantage to the product.


The cheap prams are not a bad choice when considering a pram to deliver excellence.