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Best Jogging strollers 2017

If you want to take your children along with you while jogging, it is important to have strollers. There are umpteen models of jogging strollers available in the market. These strollers can carry more than one kid in the stroller safely. The seats are either side by side or one behind another. These strollers are foldable and have ample storage area to keep your jogging things, including water bottles, music players and other things without holding them in the hands. They are easy to carry; lightweight and let kids have a comfortable ride. The jogging strollers are perfect to walk, jog and run on the bumpy and dirty roads without causing any kind of discomfort to the kids sitting in the stroller. When you run with intense speed, it has the ability to absorb bounce, thus keeping your little ones safe and comfortable. This jogging stroller has three super-sized wheels with a suspension system that does not cause any kind of a jerk to the baby when you take big strides on uneven surfaces. This jogging stroller is perfect for 12 months to five-year babies.

Few of the things you need to take into account while choosing the best jogging stroller

  •    Three wheel tires: The three wheel strollers will assure to have a smooth ride for the baby when you take the baby in the stroller. However, it is crucial for you to check the air in the tire like you check in the bicycle tire. You need to regularly pump air in the tire to inflate them.
  •    Equipped with harness: This harness will go around the baby hips, legs, and shoulders to ensure that baby stays safe sitting in the stroller without falling down or looking out while you take them for jogging. This harness is very important when you are walking on uneven surfaces to avoid injuring the baby when the stroller flips.
  •    Safety strap: One safety strap is attached to the stroller and the other to be attached to your wrist. When you are jogging, you can avoid the stroller from moving down when you leave the handle for some time.
  •    Parking brake: When you want to park the stroller, you need to use the parking brake. You need to make sure that the parking brake will stop the stroller from moving back and forth.
  •    Canopy: This will protect your toddler from extreme UV rays and other environmental elements. The canopy lets kids sleep in the shade when you take them out. Moreover, this canopy has a small window from where you can keep an eye on your baby while jogging.
  •    Under-seat basket: You can keep toys and other things that the baby might need when you step out. This storage area will balance the stroller and avert tip-overs. It is advised not to put heavy things in the stroller since it takes a toll on the safety of kids.

Recommended jogging strollers

Strollers are really recommended for new parents. The jogging strollers will let you jog, taking your kids in the strollers even in the terrain without putting any kind of pressure on your baby. This is an excellent choice for both infants and kids until 5 yrs. Also, you can gift jogging strollers to your family member or friends who became a new parent. Few models of jogging stroller along with their pros and cons are discussed below


Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller

This is cheaper and is easy to carry kids. You can attach this stroller to your car seat without the need for an extra adapter. The weight of this stroller is around 70 lbs and can be used until the child turns 5 without buying another one. This is equipped with both parent and child tray to store things. The locking wheel and tires will handle your jogging speeds. The suspension system will let the kids have a smooth ride while you jog on the terrain and the reflective piping will let you talk kids out even in poor lighting conditions. You can fold and unfold the stroller in a few minutes.


  •    Equipped with all the necessary accessories
  •    Can be easily connected to the car seat
  •    Reflect piping will let you jog or walk in low lighting condition


  •    Weights more than the other jogging stroller models
  •    Cannot stand would support when folded
  •    Canopy is small in size

Final verdict: If you have budget constraints, then this stroller is perfect to buy and you can use it until your kid’s turn 5. This gives optimal comfort and is equipped with many safety features.


Baby Jogger Summit X3

The solid construction of this stroller gives a smooth ride for kids. The air filled tires and suspension system adds extra comfort to the kids even when you go for jogging on uneven roads and terrain. The wheels can be locked while keeping the locking control in the handle, thus allowing you to increase and decrease the speed of the strollers. The hand brake will let you apply the brake when you are jogging on the terrain. The hand brake will work very efficiently. The reclining seat lets kids sleep and the canopy will protect them from the sun and heavy winds.


  •    Easy to fold the strollers in a single step
  •    Lightweight and takes little space to store
  •    Equipped suspension system lets you have a smooth ride


  •    Tires filled with air can puncture at any time
  •    Comes with no extra accessories
  •    Storage basket to keep things is small in size

Final Verdict: This is perfect for the people who go for jogging in terrain to assure safety of the kids. Overall, it provides comfort for the kids and protects them from UV rays with the equipped canopy.


Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

This is cost-effective over the other models. This comes with many features including air filled tires, cup holder, tray, lockable swivel wheel, reclining seats equipped with a harness and canopy. This is lightweight and is durable, thus protecting kids from accidents. The large size bicycle tires will let you go for a walk in terrains and other dirty paths. You can make this stroller as your child car seat. This is easy to fold and store.


  •    Made of superior quality stainless steel material
  •    Equipped with child and parent tray
  •    Cost-effective


  •    Heavy in weight compared to the other models
  •    Completely reclined
  •    Seating area is relatively small

Final Verdict: This is perfect to buy for the parents who have budget constraints. The superior quality construction of this stroller and safety features make it an ideal choice for every parent.


Item Name Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller Baby Jogger Summit X3 Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller
Weight 28 pounds 34.2 pounds 13 Kg
Rating 4/5 4.5/5 4.5/5
Link to buy Amazon Amazon Amazon


Conclusion: Jogging stroller reduces the jolts that a baby experience while the parent jogs on uneven surfaces, non-paved surfaces, and bumpy roads. If you are a mom who wants to lose weight and go for exercises, then you need to invest in the stroller. This helps you to take your baby along with your while jogging without putting much stress on your neck muscles