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Best Twin Umbrella Stroller

Are you blessed with twins and buying all the baby accessories that are required for them? Then, are you planning to buy two strollers to the two infants? Give up the plan and buy the twin strollers where you can strap the twins together and push them to the neighborhood parks, shopping malls, groceries and other places along with you. These strollers come with all the safety and comfort features alike to that of the single strollers. There is a hood to protect the kids when they are taken under the sun or rain.

The front wheels will have brakes to help you control the pace of the stroller when you take them for a walk in the sloppy areas. The storage basket available under the stroller will let you to store baby essentials and your things. More importantly, few of the modeled strollers are lightweight, easy to carry and fold. If you travel often, then you need to buy one that is easy to fold and unfold. Undeniably, umbrella stroller is known for its lightweight. These twin strollers will either be side by side or one beside the other. This is equipped with leg rest, headrest, swivel wheels, storage area, easy to adjust handle and canopy. The double stroller or twin umbrella stroller will let you hold two twins either both infants and one younger and old older one. These are a bit more spacious and are designed to give high comfort to both the kids.

There are umpteen factors to be considered while choosing the Twin Umbrella Stroller. It is crucial for you to consider both the personal needs and budget while choosing the stroller.

  • Wheels: You need to choose the stroller as per the terrain you go for a walk or jog. Few of the double strollers are specifically made for terrains while a few are tailor made. There are a few strollers that you can stroller on snow, terrains and rough roads. It is crucial for you to choose the stroller with terrain tires.
  • Size: Few double strollers are small in size and lightweight compared to the others. If you would like to take your kids along with you very often, you would need to buy a lightweight double stroller. However, the huge one will let you carry both kids comfortably.
  • Weight and capacity of the stroller: Few of the strollers have the ability to withstand the weight of babies from infants until they grow five years old. Basically, choosing the stroller depends on the age of your kid. If your kids are 2 years or 4 years old then choose something that can carry both comfortably.
  • Fold mechanism: The double umbrella strollers are easy to fold and hold with a single hand. The quick fold technology used will let you fold the stroller easily. This stroller is easy to store and transport.
  • Canopy with handle: The canopy and handle are the main parts of the stroller. The stroller having bigger and extendable canopy is perfect to protect your kids from harsh weather conditions. If your whole family will push the stroller, then you need to buy something that has adjustable height.
  • Storage accessories: The double strollers will have enough storage space to store kids and moms/dads accessories. The cup holder, child tray and parent tray would let you to easily pick the things from those storage areas.

Recommended twin umbrella strollers

With the endless options, it is always daunting for the people to choose the right one. However, here we are discussing the pros and cons of each stroller. After reading the review of each, you can decide on which one to buy for your kids.

Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller

This is the perfect compact umbrella stroller for the growing family. It lets two babies to sit comfortably and the parents to stroller them without any hassle. The stadium style seating will let the kids to sit one next to another. The baby sitting on the back is little raised for increased comfort. This is designed for giving high comfort to the babies.


  • Can accommodate two kids of weight 18 kgs
  • Easy to adjust the seating positions
  • Equipped with canopy to protect kids from the sun and rain
  • Foot rest to let kids’ strength their legs and sit comfortably
  • Three point harnesses will strap the kids and make them sit at one place without causing any discomfort with the belts and harness straps
  • Front wheels are easy to rotate and are equipped with suspension system
  • Equipped with parent tray, cup holder and child tray to let hold the accessories of the kids
  • Cup holder will never cause inconvenience while accessing the stroller


  • When you hold the stroller, it is a bit heavy
  • Cannot carry both the kids at a time when they are asleep as the front seat cannot be reclined

Final Verdict: This is the best stroller that lets the parents take their twins kids along with them while going for a shopping. This is budget and travel friendly.

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger

This gives high comfort for both the kids sitting in the lightweight umbrella stroller and let them have a pleasurable and wonderful riding experience. The MP3 players equipped in this stroller will let kids listen and enjoy the music while their parents stroll. The padded seat cushions will give high comfort to them. The suspension frame will absorb jerk and never let kids to feel the discomfort while they are taken on bumpy roads. You can remove the plastic trays and cup holders of parents and children. The safety harness is perfect to assure safety of the growing kids. The foot operated brakes let you to park at anyplace.


  • Two kids can be accommodated easily
  • Easy to fold
  • Removable plastic trays let you to maintain the stroller clean
  • Padded seat offer high comfort for the kids sitting on it
  • Equipped MP3 players will let kids enjoy the music while on the ride


Cannot fit to the car seats

Final Verdict: This is perfect to buy when you are taking kids along with you outdoors. This safety and comfort features make it an ideal choice for the parents who have twin kids.

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller

This solid lightweight stroller offer comfort for both the kids and the parents. The side by side design make it comfort for the kids to sit, rest and sleep. The easy to hold and gripped handle make it easy for the parents to take the kids for a walk on the terrains. The zip off back flaps assures safety of the kids. The stylish wheels and rear tubes make it a perfect product. You can recline the padded seats with a single hand. You can adjust the seats independently in four different positions and so the footrest can be adjusted in two different positions to give comfortable ride for kids.


  • Holds two kids at a time
  • Equipped with reclining seating and leg rest
  • Canopy gives shelter to the kids while letting the air flow inside
  • Mesh storage basket lets you store baby essentials
  • Front wheels come with suspension system to stop the jerks from reaching the baby and causing discomfort
  • Easy to fold and take along with you while travelling


Plastic surrounding wheels may get cracked soon and would need to be replaced very often

Final Verdict: This is the solid stroller perfect for the parents who are looking for the stroller that gives a comfortable ride for kids. This is available at a competitive price and is travel friendly.

Product Name Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger Chicco Echo Twin Stroller
Product weight 29 pounds 22.7 kg 34 pounds
Rating 4.5/5 4/5 4/5
Store Amazon Amazon Amazon

Conclusion: The umbrella strollers are easy to fold and carry with you like an umbrella. These strollers are easy to push around and have rigid tires to go for a jog or walk along with your kids on terrains. These models are available for infants and toddlers.