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Discount Best pram for New born

Pram is the important accessory that has to be purchased by the new parents. Buying the right one can be used for your next kid too without buying a new one again. However, when you are buying a new pram, you need to look for safety and comfort features. The pram that is safer for your newborn should be given high priority despite of high price. With the increase in demand for prams, there are many companies who are coming up with umpteen models of this accessory. From endless options, you need to pick the one that best suits your and your baby lifestyle, needs and budget. No matter whether you want to take your baby along with your while walking or jogging or want to take them in public transportation, you need to pick the one that is lightweight, easy to carry and fold. More importantly, ensure that the pram you are buying has reclining seat and harness to assure safety of the kids. The canopy on the top with a visor will let you keep a tab on the kids while taking them for a walk or outdoors.

Here are a few features that you need to look while buying the Best pram for New born

  • Wheels: Swivel front wheels let you to easily move the pram in whichever direction you want. However, when you are taking your baby on off-roads or uneven surfaces, ensure that the wheels are lockable to ensure that you do not push the pram at higher speeds on terrains. Ensure to buy the wheels that are durable and do not get punctured soon. Undeniably, having durable wheels give a smoother and comfy ride to the babies.
  • Size: You need to buy the stroller that is easy to fold and unfold. You need to check whether or not you are able to fold the pram with single hand prior to buying. This helps you to fold with one hand while holding your baby in the other hand. More importantly, you need to pick the pram that is easy to fold and fit in the car back or trucks without detaching the wheels. The pram should be purchased as per the baby size.
  • Brakes: You need to buy strollers which are equipped with brakes in the handle to apply them when the pram is out of your control. Few of the prams are equipped with front brakes to apply brakes even in reversible pram. Few of the locks are equipped underneath the stroller while a few are in the handle. So, the locks that are underneath will let you to apply brakes with your feet without bending down.
  • Harness: The straps that are padded will not cause any kind of rashes on the baby’s skin even when the baby is strapped with harness for a long time. You need to choose the pram model which lets you to adjust the straps.
  • Reversible handle: This lets you to reverse the handle and let the baby face towards you to talk with your baby while walking.
  • Footrest: The footrest will not let the baby’s feet to touch the ground and hurt them when you take them for a walk to terrains or uneven roads.

Recommended pram models

With endless options, it is always daunting for the new parents to pick the right pram for their newborns. However, here are a few pram models that we are discussing. By reading the pros and cons of each model, you can decide which one to buy the Best pram for New born that is best suitable for your baby needs and your budget.

Mee Mee Baby Pram with Rocker and 3 Seating Positions_Red

This is an ideal and lightweight stroller model for newborns. The day’s baby can have a great ride when they are put in it and took for walking or jogging. This stroller is made by abiding to the safety standards. This is lightweight and is easy to carry your baby while shopping or going to nearby grocery store. This can be folded with a single hand while you hold your baby or other things in the other hand. The rear facing let the baby to have contact with their parents. This is travel friendly that lets you take this along with you while travelling. The double protection safety locks gives additional protection to your baby. The hood gives protection to the baby from the sun and winds while letting parents to keep a tab on their child. The three point harness protects baby from falling down or looking out. This pram has six wheels with brakes equipped to the rear wheels.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Travel friendly
  • Equipped with harness
  • Fabric made of quality material assure comfort to the baby despite of they sit for hours together on the padded seat
  • Reversible handle to let babies face towards their parents or to the world
  • Three position reclining seat to sit, recline and sleep


Little shaky

Not suitable to take baby for walk in terrains

Final Verdict: This is the budget and travel friendly pram that is suitable to be purchased by the new parents to put their kids in this safety stroller and take them out for shopping or buying groceries without holding them in their arms for long time.

Mothertouch Pram Dx (Navy Blue)

This baby pram can be gifted for the new parents or you can buy one for your new born. This is a best gift for parents to put their babies in the prams without holding them in their arms while doing household works or taking them outdoors. This pram has adjustable seat to let the baby sit comfortably or sleeping like in their beds for hours together without any discomfort. The storage basket will let you store things of baby or the ones you shop without you holding them in your hands. The safety belt, rear brakes and front wheel lock will assure high safety of kids. The canopy will protect kids from the sun and winds. The pram has rotational wheels which let you to rotate the pram in 360 degree angle.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Equipped with storage basket to store things
  • Portable
  • Compactable to carry while travelling
  • Two position to sit and sleep


Not suitable to take baby for walk in terrains

Final Verdict: This pram is perfect for the new parents to buy and take their little one for walk and jog. This lets the baby to catch some fresh breeze outside every day while having a smooth ride.

R for Rabbit Cuppy Cake – The Cute Pram (Green Black)

The appealing design of this cute pram will grab the attention of parents and newborn equally. Newborn will love to go for rides in this pram every day. This pram is easy to fold in a single step without any trouble. The reversible handle lets your kids to either face you or the world while strolling. You can see the joy in your kid’s eye while you take them for a ride in it outdoors. The link brake equipped at the bottom will let you to stop the pram with a single click with your feet. The wider pram seat will let the baby sit comfortably in the pram while making limb movements without congestion. This is perfectly suitable for the babies from 0 to five years of age.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Stop the pram while strolling with a single click of brake
  • Front tray and cup holders to keep baby essentials
  • Easy to adjust leg rest provides comfortable seating
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Perfect for newborns and toddlers
  • Canopy protect kids from the sun


Not suitable to take baby for walk in terrains

Final Verdict: This is the best pram that lets baby excited to go outdoors everyday to have a pleasurable ride. This is equipped with safety and comfort features, thus making an ideal choice of every new parent.

Product name Mee Mee Baby Pram with Rocker and 3 Seating Positions_Red Mothertouch Pram Dx (Navy Blue) R for Rabbit Cuppy Cake – The Cute Pram (Green Black)
Weight 6 Kg 10.55 kg 11 Kg
Rating 4.5/5 4.3/5 4/5
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Conclusion: If you want to talk your baby to the neighborhood park every day, then you need to buy the best pram that has big wheels to assure comfortable and smooth ride.