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Have an Extra Baby – Twin Prams

We cannot imagine the happiness of the parents who are blessed or are about to be blessed with twin children. But along with the double dose of happiness comes double responsibilities as well. Taking care of two babies at the same time is not an easy task as it requires a lot of efforts and energy. You require double the energy to manage all their work. Moreover, the difficulties become more when you have to travel with both the babies at the same time. However, the majority of your difficulty of traveling with your twins can be minimized if you have a comfortable and smooth ride for them. In the case of twin babies, the twin prams can offer a great help.

Twin prams are basically of two types. The first type is where both the seats are side by side and the other where one infant seat follows the other. You could choose any of the types according to your preference and liking. However, there is a number of options available in the market that helps you in picking up the right pram for your baby. The things that the parents must take care before buying the stroller for their little ones are:

  • Checking that the twin stroller is in good condition
  • Must analyze the manufacturer website before buying the baby stroller, and
  • Must ask for manufacturer warranty before making the choice for stroller for twin

Other than checking these basic requirements, here are some of the reviews of the recommendations that can be a great help to the parents before making their choice of twin prams.

  1. Joie Aire Twin: This is one of the finest products that can be a great choice while choosing the twin pram for your twins. The product comes in beautiful design along with being lightweight. The pram can be used for the twin right from their birth. The large wheels of the product offer high suspension and provide a smooth riding experience. It can also be called as an all-terrain stroller. The reclining seats of the pram deliver high flexibility to it and allow the pram to easily adjust the car seat to turn into a super comfortable infant car seat.

Pros of the product:


Super grip

Can be used in all types of terrains

Ensures security of the babies

Cons of the product:

It is wide in size

Final Verdict:

The product is a nice buy if you are looking for a product that can give your child a stylish and comfortable ride. The product has been designed to deliver secure performance while understanding all the basic needs of the babies and the parents.

  1. Babyhug Twinster Stroller: Traveling with both the babies can really be a tough call for the parents and thus they want a ride that can be secure and comfortable for their babies. The pram delivers this basic necessity with complete justice. The product delivers enough space for the babies to enjoy their riding experience along with allowing them to take a nap in between. It can easily be folded and can deliver you the exact amount of convenience as needed.

Pros of the product:

Padded seats


Compact size

Different reclining positions

Lightweight stroller

Cons of the products:

Cannot be handled with one hand

Final Verdict:

This double stroller is well-designed to even carry the extra stuff in the storage basket. The swivel wheels make this product compatible with even the rough terrains. This baby stroller is the perfect example of twin techno. Thus, it is highly recommended to buy this product as it is comfortable, convenient and easy to use with being a secured ride for your twin.

  1. Cosatto Supa Dupa: The brand Cosatto has always been famous for delivering some funky designs with some amazing and brilliant features for the twin baby pram. The twin baby pram of the brand ensures that both the babies have enough space for themselves and thus they have made this pram bigger in size. The stroller can easily be installed anywhere and at any time without any extra efforts. The colorful and funky designs of the stroller can alone make your twin feel charged up and playful.

Pros of the product:


Enough storage space

Cons of the product:

Does not deliver a smooth ride on rough terrain

Final Verdict:

The product will deliver a comfortable ride on the smooth surfaces. However, it fails to impress with its ride on grassy or rough terrains. Thus, if you want a product that delivers you quality services and you will only be using it on the smooth surfaces, then you can try this product. However, if you travel a lot, this pram may not fulfill your expectations.

  1. Fab N Funky Twin Stroller: The product is an amazing product that delivers immense comfort to the twin. The product comes with a rain cover which also protects the baby eye from the direct sunlight. The product ensures the safety of the child by adding breaks to the front wheels. It is highly easy to handle and operate and is extremely convenient to travel with.

Pros of the product:



Mosquito net protection

Storage space with a cup holder

Padded seats

Cons of the product:

The product has no reversible handle design

Final Verdict:

The pram is the right buy as it comes along with many features. Coming with a mosquito net covering the pram also maintain the health of your twin and protect them from the harmful diseases caused by the mosquitoes. The fabric of the stroller is also dust and water resistant, thus, you can easily manage the cleaning of the stroller and can take it out in any weather condition.


Twin Prams are a solution to the parents who are looking for a way to manage their routine with handling two babies at the same time. You can completely rely on this solution and can enjoy your quality time.