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Jogging stroller reviews

Do you like to go for jogging or walking early in the morning, but after delivery you have stopped the exercises and would like to continue them again and worried about leaving your kid at home? No worries. You can take your kid along with them by putting them in the jogging stroller. This type of stroller is exclusively designed for the exercising parents to let them exercise while pushing the kids sitting in the stroller. The long strides that you take will not hit your feet to the stroller wheel. More importantly, the wheels of this stroller are made of quality material that they do not get punctured soon despite of you take the stroller on uneven surfaces or bumpy roads. Ideally, traditional stroller will not let you to jog or walk at the pace you would like to do. Jogging stroller will let your kids to have wonderful and comfortable ride while giving you the best exercising experience.

When you are buying the jogging strollers, you need to check whether or not the stroller supports the weight of your kid. If you have twins, then you need to buy double stroller that balance the weight of both of kids. Few of the features that one needs to consider while buying a jogging baby stroller for your newborn or toddler include

  • Running brake: Running brake equipped on the handle will let you to control the pace of the stroller with just a single click, so whenever you take your kids on terrains or sloppy areas, you can control the speed using this brake.
  • Parking brake: When you have stopped the stroller in the park, to ensure that it remains in a steady position, you need to buy the stroller that is equipped with parking brake. Despite of you take out your hands from the handlebar, the stroller remains in its position without strolling.
  • Reclining seat: This is the most important feature that you need to look while buying the stroller. The kid can sit, rest and sleep in the stroller as per their comfort levels by adjusted the reclining seat.
  • Easy to adjust handle: The handle and be lowered or raised as per the height of the adults. This helps them to push the stroller for a long distance comfortably.
  • Multi-sport stroller: There are a few strollers which comes with separate attachments while going for walking, jogging, skiing or for other outdoor activities. You need attach the appropriate attachment as per the activity you would like to perform outdoors
  • Lock the front wheel: There are many stroller models which have front wheel that moves easily when you strap the baby in the stroller and take them around the town. When you are running, then the front wheel gets locked automatically, giving you the high stability.
  • Harness: The five point harness comes with the stroller will protect your kids from hurting themselves when you apply running brake suddenly or take them for a ride on terrains or bumpy roads.
  • Easy to fold: The jogging stroller is easy to fold and unfold. More importantly, you can fold and pile it in the car back or in your truck when you are travelling.
  • Shock absorption: When you take your baby on a ride to terrains, then there are chances of them getting jerks when they are strolled on bumpy areas. However, the suspension system will provide extra cushion for the baby and avoid the jerk to reach them and cause discomfort.

No matter whether you want to take your baby for a ride on gravel road or crowded space, you need to choose the best and durable jogging stroller. With endless jogging stroller models, it is crucial for you to pick the one that suits your lifestyle, baby needs and budget. Ideally, every model of jogging stroller is suitable for both infant and toddlers. Here, we are giving Jogging stroller reviews with pros and cons. After reading the pros and cons of each, you can choose the best one.

Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller

This is the ergonomic and lightweight stroller that is available at a very competitive price. You can connect this stroller to the car seat without using an adapter. You can use this stroller from day one of your newborn till they turn 4 years. The accessories that are equipped in this stroller are child and parent tray. The front wheel locking system will let you to jog at your desired pace. The suspension system gives a smooth ride for the baby even when you take them on terrains. The reflective piping will let you to stroll in low lighting conditions. You can fold it with a single hand and unfold it in a few seconds.


  • Equipped with many accessories that assure baby comfort
  • Best for infant car seat
  • Reflective piping shows you the path with its lighting in poor lighting conditions


  • Heavy in weight compared to the other jogging stroller models
  • Cannot stand after it is folded without support
  • Canopy is little small

Final Verdict: This is the best stroller that is an ideal choice of every new parent. It comes with safety features and gives a pleasurable ride for the kids.

Terrain Jogger: Baby Jogger Summit X3

The solid construction of this jogger gives a smooth and comfortable ride for the baby. The air filled tires provide good suspension and prevent the jerks from reaching the kids even when they are strolled on bumpy roads. The extra large wheels make it perfect to push on terrains. The lockable front wheel lets you to control the speed of the stroller on the go. The hand-drum brake that is operating with hands gives more control while strolling on terrains. This is perfect for newborn to toddlers. The child tray lets you to keep baby essentials and the hood protects the kid from the sun.


  • Easy to fold with a single hand
  • Lightweight and takes a little space for storage
  • Suspension system assures comfortable ride


  • Air filled tires gets punctured soon
  • Have no extra accessories
  • Storage basket is small

Final Verdict: This stroller gives a convenient and comfortable ride for the kids and is the best choice for the parents who travel a lot and go for jogging every day on terrains.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

This is the cost-effective jogging stroller. This comes with umpteen features including child tray, cup holders, air filled tires, parent tray, front lockable swivel wheel, five point harness and a canopy. This is made of superior quality material that gives high protection to the child. The extra large tires will let you to move the stroller on terrains, parking lots and dirty roads. It is easy to convert this stroller to travel system by pushing the car seat of the infant into the child tray to assure safe ride for the little darlings. This is easy to fold and store.


  • Made of stainless steel materials
  • Equipped with child and parent tray
  • Cost-effective


  • Little heavy compared to other models
  • Recline the seats completely to fold it
  • Seating area is small

Final Verdict: This is the highly durable stroller that every parent loves to buy for their kids. It assures safety and gives a safe and comfortable ride for the kids.

Product Name Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller Terrain Jogger: Baby Jogger Summit X3 Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller
Weight 17 pounds 7.3 pounds 10.7 pounds
Rating 4.5/5 4/5 4/5
Shopping site Amazon Amazon Amazon


Conclusion: There are a few jogging models that you can use to take while going for skiing, hiking and biking without leaving your kids alone in the home with their caretaker or grandparents. Buy the one that meets your purpose and baby needs.