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Lately this blog has gone a bit 'birthy' - most likely because I'm gigantically pregnant, heading up The Positive Birth Movement and editing a book about Water Birth. 

Here are some of my most popular birth related posts:

Stop Googling Your Birth Options, and Hop Up on the Bed, Dear

Overdue? Desperate to Avoid Induction? This Method Really WORKS!

Should We Be So Very Scared of Giving Birth?

My Search for Birth Freedom in a Climate of Fear and Mistrust

Cut Me Open or Send Me Home: The Lottery of Maternity Care

"Positive, Empowering Birth? Sounds Like Bullsh*t to Me!"

Do We Dare Teach Our Daughters the Truth about their Bodies?

"They Let Me" Go Overdue

Becoming a Mother: The Wallpaper of Fear

I also write about...


While I Nurse You To Sleep

What Kind of Woman Breastfeeds a Toddler?

The Art of Stillness: Breastfeeding Statues

And The Biggest Breastfeeding Obstacle Of All Is...Bad Advice!

A Response to the Time Cover: What's Behind the Grumet Bashing?

Creating a Ritual for Weaning at Four

The Human Pacifier

Just For Comfort

Gentle, Responsive Parenting:

Babies Don't Need 'Attachment Parenting', But They Do Need 'Responsive Parenting'

Responsive Parenting: Why Tantrums Matter

Everybody Hurts: Ten Ways to Help Children Grow Into Adults Who Cope

'Childism' - As Utterly Unacceptable as Racism and Sexism

Never Mind Feminism - Let's Challenge Our Anti-Child Attitudes

Love Is The Answer: Ten Creative Ways to Strengthen Attachment

A Chorus of Approval: How to Help Your Child Build A Whole Tribe Of Positive Inner Voices

Just Being There

Sleep, or Lack of It:

Dear Daughters - I'm Sick of You Waking Me Up!

How do YOU 'Self-Soothe'?

Crying It Out - The Damage We Can Measure, The Damage We Can't

Crying It Out - What Feels Wrong, IS Wrong

Pink for Girls / The Sexualisation of Children

Dolled Up: Products That Sexualise Our Children

Girly Pink

Post Baby Bodies

Acceptance Nude

"What's Good About This?": Reframing Our Post Baby Bodies

'Stay At Home' Mothers

Dear Nick Clegg, Do You Know the Implications of Childcare?

Reclaiming Motherhood: When Staying at Home Means Having It All

Reclaiming Motherhood: What Is The Value of a Mother?

Posts I Like that Nobody Reads

Operation Stack

CBeebies Guilt

Hasta La Vista, Nostalgia!

Toddler Tourism

Pre-School: Demons and Ghosts

Parenting Sonnets

I Lie With You Until You Are Asleep

Sometimes I Pass The Place Where We Once Lived