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Pram baby stroller deals

Do you want to buy baby pram strollers? Then, you need to look for the best model pram stroller to buy for your newborn. This pram is perfect to be used to put your baby in the pram and do your office or household works while assuring the safety and comfort of your little one. There are endless pram stroller options available in the market. You need to choose the one that suits your and your baby needs and budget. Basically, every pram comes with safety features and high comfort level. There is adjustable handle to adjust it as per your height to push your babies’ on-off roads. The harness will protect your babies from falling down or hurting themselves while you take them on terrains.

Basically, pram stroller is perfect for new born, toddlers and young children. When you buy this Pram baby stroller, you can use it until your child turns 4 years. Few of the factors you need to consider while buying pram strollers include

  • Child’s comfort: Ensure the pram stroller you are buying has comfortable seating for the kids. You need to check the fabric with which the seats are made of and after ensuring that the fabric is skin friendly to kids, you can go ahead and buy the pram stroller. Basically, pram stroller is the place where newborns are going to spend their most of the time playing, eating and sleeping, so comfort should be given the first priority. They should lay flat to promote proper spinal development.
  • Canopy: The baby carriage comes with sun canopy. You need to check whether or not the canopy is extendable and foldable to protect your newborns from the UV rays. When you fold the canopy, the baby can see the sky and enjoy outdoors. The adjustable canopy will let you to open the canopy or close when your kid is sleeping.
  • Shock absorbing tires: The tires that are filled with air gives a smooth and pleasurable ride for the kids with no jerks. The prams equipped with suspension system will absorb shocks and protects the kids from jerks on rough terrains. If you notice that the baby is getting up from the sleep when you take them on bumpy roads or terrains, then put a blanket under the kid to provide them as a shock absorber.
  • Size of the pram stroller: If you travel a lot, then you need to buy the pram stroller that can be fit easily in the trunk or in the car back. You need to buy the one that is small and compact that which occupies a little space in your home and in car.
  • Foldable: You need to buy the pram that is easy to fold and unfold. This mechanism is very helpful when you take your baby in public transportation or travelling in the car. This fold occupies a little space. It is crucial for you to buy the pram stroller that is easy to fold with single hand to fold it easily in public places without any hassle.

Recommended Pram strollers

With umpteen options, it is always a challenge for the new parents to pick the right pram strollers for their little one. However, here we are discussing a few top pram strollers that many parents evince interest in buying with pros and cons. After reading the pros and cons, you can decide on which pram stroller to buy for your newborn or kids up to 4 years.

Toy House Baby Stroller Pram (3, Orange)

This colorful and ergonomic pram baby stroller is the ideal choice for the new parents. Kids travelling in this pram can have a smooth ride. You can take your baby for morning or evening walk in this pram stroller to let them enjoy the cool breeze outside. The comfortable seating with safety belt assures high security of kids. The large wheels equipped to the stroller will let kids have a comfortable ride on uneven and even surfaces. The storage basket underneath the pram stroller will let you put kid’s essentials including diapers, food, water bottles, wallets, and snacks safely without holding with hands. The adjustable canopy on the top protects child from the sun. In this stroller, you can take your kids for shopping, walking, jogging and outdoors without any hassle.


  • Canopy to protect kids from the sunlight
  • Storage basket to keep things
  • Footrest  assure safety of kids of different heights
  • Has wheels brakes and locking swivel wheels to protect kids while strolling on terrains
  • Easy to adjust canopy
  • Reversible handle bar to face the baby towards you or the world. You can talk to your baby by letting the stroller face towards you
  • Perfect for newborns to 12 kg
  • Mosquito net protects your baby from bug bites


  • It is unstable and shaky
  • Cannot be used to stroll on terrains for longer time

Final Verdict: This pram stroller lets you to go outdoors and spend some quality time with your little ones. Also, you can take your baby to trips like to grocery stores, malls, and parks.

abdc kids Baby Pram & Stroller Comfy Red Light Weight Easy Folding  (Multi, Red)

This baby stroller is perfect for kids of 0 to 2 years age. This is foldable and lightweight. More importantly, you can carry this in your truck or in the car back while travelling. The canopy is adjustable as per the convenience of the baby. So, you can let the baby enjoy seeing the world by opening the canopy, when you are talking them out during evening walks and close them when you are out for shopping in the sun. The adjustable back rest protects kid’s spine. Moreover, the seat lets kids to sit and lie down comfortably. The seat cushion with extra padding gives extra comfort for the baby to sit in it for hours together without irritation. The underneath storage basket and rear pockets lets you keep your and your kids essentials. The fixed directional front wheel will let you to push the baby in one direction without taking a detour.


  • Lightweight
  • equipped with canopy to protect kids from the sun
  • Storage baskets and pockets to keep things
  • 3 point harness assure safety of the kids


  • Cannot be used to stroll on terrains for longer time

Final Verdict: If you are looking for a travel and budget friendly pram stroller, then this would be a perfect option for you. Travelling in this stroller makes kids rejoice every moment.

Mee Mee Pram Cum Stroller MM 22C 62 – Grey

If you want your baby to have wonderful and smooth trips outdoors, then you need to buy this pram stroller. This is perfect for newborns to toddlers. This stroller lets the baby sit safely and comfortable for hours together while you shop without any tantrums from your baby. The safety standards equipped in manufacturing the stroller will let baby to have a joyful rides. The 3 position reclining seating let you to adjust the seat as per the baby’s convenience. This is easy to fold with a single hand while you are holding your baby in the other hand. The wheel can be rotatable and the rear wheels are equipped with brakes. The large canopy protects the baby from the sunlight and winds. The spacious basket will let you to keep kids essential or shopping items in it. The double cushion will provide additional coziness to your baby. This is machine washable. The two point harness protects baby from hurting themselves while moving on roads.


  • 2 point harness
  • Reclining seat
  • Lightweight
  • Canopy to protect kids
  • Easy to fold and unfold


  • Cannot be used to stroll on terrains for longer time

Final Verdict: If you want to add fun and enjoyment in your baby’s life, you need to show them the outside world by making them sit in this comfortable pram stroller. Baby will enjoy the world while you can shop or do your work outdoors.

Product name Toy House Baby Stroller Pram (3, Orange) abdc kids Baby Pram & Stroller Comfy Red Light Weight Easy Folding  (Multi, Red) Mee Mee Pram Cum Stroller MM 22C 62 – Grey
Weight 12 kg 4.4 kg 7.32 kg
Rating 4/5 4.5/5 4.5/5
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Conclusion: If you have single, two or three kids, you can buy the pram stroller that has seats equip your kids for a walk at a time. This lets you to take all the kids for shopping or outdoors and let them enjoy the outside world.