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Top Quad Stroller reviews 2017

Are you expecting a baby soon? Of course, you will be busy buying baby accessories. One of the accessories that must be included in your list is a stroller. This stroller helps you carry both your infants and toddlers while going out for shopping or malls without holding them in your arms. You can push this stroller and take them to the park during the evening times as well. If you have four children, then moving them around in four strollers is impossible and is unsafe. When you buy a quad stroller, it holds four infants or toddlers together side by side and one behind another, giving a perfect balance without letting the kids to jump outside and hurt themselves. The castor wheels equipped to the stroller will ensure that the ground remains safe without any scratches with the change in weight. This quad stroller has different straps for each kid. When you make them sit in the stroller, you can fix the straps rigidly without letting them fall out.

With the availability of umpteen options, it is daunting for the people to choose the best one. Few of the features that you need to look while buying a quad stroller include

  •    Flexible to carry while traveling: If you travel a lot, then you need to buy the stroller that is easy to fix to the car seat. If you are planning to buy a car seat and stroller differently, then you need to ensure that the stroller fits in the car seat.
  •    Check the seat height: Strollers are designed for the kids who are above 40 pounds. To be precise, it is for kids who go to preschools. You need to make sure that the stroller height will match the child size above 40 inches.
  •    Check the handle weight: It is highly challenging to find the stroller height that is comfortable for the parents to push. The handle height will decide how easy it is for the parents to push. Moreover, the handle height should be adjusted to let the taller parents take strides without hitting the stroller wheels whenever they take a stride. It is crucial for you to read the reviews to decide and buy the best one that meets your needs.
  •    Check the tire quality: When you are traveling on pavement, you need to buy the strollers with small tires. Basically, the strollers with small tires, light weight, and are easy to carry in cars. If you want to jog along with the strollers, then you need to buy the stroller with rigid and solid tires to make sure that they match with your jogging pace.

Recommended Quad strollers

If you are looking for the best strollers to carry your four babies in it, then you need to buy quad strollers. However, with overwhelming options, it is always confusing on which one to choose. However, the reviews below will have pros and cons of each quad stroller. After reading each review, you can decide the best stroller that is perfect for you to buy.

Childcraft the Quad Sport 4 Passenger Stroller

This is the popular stroller that can carry four children at a time. The quality and look of this stroller are awesome and it occupies very less space in your home. The strong body and durable frame are grabs the eye of the parents to purchase this and it will assure safety and comfort of their kids. More importantly, it allows parents to carry kids easily with its lightweight and is foldable, therefore allowing you to take this stroller while traveling. You can put this in your car back and unfold when you reach the destination.

Pros of this stroller

  •    Foldable
  •    Lightweight
  •    Easy to carry
  •    Affordable
  •    Highly safe
  •    Wheels made of rubber let you push and pull the stroller with ease
  •    Shock resistant and let babies have a comfortable ride
  •    Canopy protects the kids from sunlight and stay them in the shade even when they are out and take a nap while parents are shopping
  •    Can carry babies weighing more than 40 lbs
  •    Seats are wider and comfortable for the chubby babies to sit
  •    Materials used in making seats are easy to wash
  •    Easy to adjust the reclined seats back and front as required
  •    Can strap the babies to avoid them falling or looking out
  •    Straps are soft and will not put any kind of stress on baby’s skin
  •    Ergonomic handle
  •    Let you push the strollers without much effort, even on bumpy roads


No cons

Final verdict

This stroller is highly convenient to be used by kindergartens and child care centers to talk babies for a walk. The beautiful design and appealing color will give a new look to the strollers. Buying this stroller would make it easy for you to take care of the baby.

Foundations Quad Four Child Stroller

This is perfect the large families for taking care of their little one while traveling instead of buying four different strollers for each of them. The weight of the stroller is around 40 pounds. It is easy to operate and is light weight. The safety pads and seating make baby feel cozy in the stroller. The harness ensures the safety of the babies sitting in the stroller. The seats can be reclined when the baby is sleeping. The rubberized wheel is shock resistant. You can ride your babies in this stroller even on roads filled with potholes without worrying about the tires getting punctured. The seats have enough leg space providing ample comfort for the babies.


  •    Durable
  •    Affordable
  •    Lightweight
  •    Easy to clean seats
  •    Equipped with a canopy to protect the kid from UV rays
  •    Can stores ample items in the storage basket under the stroller


  •    The storage area has no cup or tray like holders to hold the keys or wallets
  •    Weight of each seat would be around 40 pounds

Final verdict

This is the best stroller that comes with extensive comfort for the babies. Parents who have four toddlers or infants can invest in this stroller to take their babies out for a walk or while traveling happily without any concerns of holding them in their arms.

4 Seat Quad Multi-Seat Stroller

This lightweight stroller lets you transport multiple children at a time. No matter whether you are taking your kids for shopping or a caretaker taking the children for a walk, this multi-seat stroller would be ideal. This stroller has removable canopies to let the kids see the world. The wind cover equipped in the stroller will keep the cargo stay dry. The storage area lets you store the things you have purchased.


  •    Perfect for 6 months to 4 years kids
  •    Easy to store things
  •    Lockable pivot wheels avoid sudden movement of strollers on sloppy areas
  •    Foldable
  •    Have smooth ride
  •    Canopy protects the kids from UV rays
  •    Made of durable fabric materials
  •    Equipped rubber wheels are free from inflammation
  •    Soft seating pads assure comfort to the four children sitting in the stroller


  •    Weight of each seat would be around 40 pounds
  •    Wheels are not suitable to push the stroller on concrete surfaces

Final verdict

This is used to transport four children at the same time. It is comfortable and is equipped with safety features. This is perfect to be purchased by parents and child care centers to take kids outside while keeping them protected.


Item Name Childcraft the Quad Sport 4 Passenger Stroller Foundations Quad Four Child Stroller 4 Seat Quad Multi-Seat Stroller
Weight 34 pounds 61 pounds 23.11kg
Rating 4.5/4 4/5 4.5
Link to buy Amazon Amazon Amazon


Conclusion: If your family is big and has four children, then moving them around in quad strollers is safe. This holds four infants or toddlers’ together side by side and one behind another. This is lightweight, easy to carry and is foldable.