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What are Baby Bunting Strollers?

If you love to stroll with your little one in the morning and evening, then buy one durable stroller for your tiny tots. There are umpteen models of baby bunting strollers available in the market. Each one is equipped with many bells and whistles. However, you need to buy the one that assures safety of kids and promises comfortable and smooth ride. Different brands of strollers are coming up new features assure comfort to the baby who sits in the stroller for a long time. The ample leg rest and soft fabric will let them sit for hours together enjoying the outdoors while they parents shop, jog, or walk. The canopy on the top will give shelter for the kids from harmful UV rays and heavy winds. Kids can happily sleep in the strollers while they parents shop or take them outdoors for a party. These strollers are lightweight, easy to fold and carry to anyplace. More importantly, the easy to adjust handle make it perfect for every parent to adjust the handle as per their convenience and strides they take.

The adjustable handle, hand brakes, reclining position, shock absorbing feature, air filled tires and storage trays make a perfect bunting stroller.

When you are buying bunting baby strollers, you need to look for the below features

  • Seating: This has to be checked prior to buying prams (strollers). The comfortable seating will give coziness for kids to sit, rest and sleep. You need to check the seats to let baby have a pleasurable strolling experience.
  • Seat position: The seating position varies from one stroller model to another. Few will let kids to see their parents and few will let baby to see the path ahead. However, there are a few strollers which give the flexibility to adjust the seating position as required. If you want to keep a tab on the baby and want to talk with the baby while strolling, then you need to pick the bunting stroller which has the seating position facing parents.
  • Child tray: Babies might feel hungry on the way to park or to the places where you are taking them. You need to keep water bottles and baby food in the child tray. Baby can pick the food from the tray or else, you can feed the baby on the way by halting at someplace.
  • Accessories: Strollers are equipped with canopy, baby music system, rain cover, cup holders, adjustable handlebar, wind cover, peek-a-boo window, and many other accessories. You need to know the type of accessories you want in a stroller and pick the stroller that has all the accessories you are looking for in a stroller.
  • Fold and unfold: If you are taking your baby for shopping, then you should be able to fold the stroller with single hand while holding the baby in other hand. Ensure to buy the one that is compactable and lightweight.

Recommended baby bunting strollers

If you are looking for the baby carrier that is cost-effective yet durable, then you need to buy baby bunting stroller models. These are easy to store, fold and carry to anyplace. However, with umpteen models, it is always overwhelming for one to pick the right one. To help you make a right choice, we are discussing about few of the bunting baby stroller online models along with the pros and cons. Reading each will let you decide that right one that make you and your little one comfortable.

4Baby Everyday Stroller – Hot Pink

This lightweight and cost-effective stroller is perfect for infants to toddles with the age ranging from 6 months to 17 kgs. This lets them have smooth ride on-roads. Parents can take their kids to the parks every morning and evening in the stroller to let them have fun strolling. The canopy will protect the kids from sunlight and winds while allow them to have sound sleep even when they are strolled for longer hours outside. The safety harness will not let kids to move and slip from the stroller. There is a footrest area for kids to sit comfortably. This is easy to fold and carry to any place.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to adjust
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Equipped with Child footrest
  • Canopy to protect kids from rains and the sun


  • Cannot stroll the babies on the bumpy roads
  • It is little unstable

Final Verdict: This lightweight stroller will give high protection to the kids and let them have a comfy and safe ride. Your little ones will definitely love the fun of going for a ride on this stroll with their parents every day.

4Baby Breeze Layback Stroller – Black / Grey

This model of stroller is perfect for the newborns. You can gift this to the new parents to make their lives easy. Carrying infants in this stroller will let you shop freely while keeping a close attention on your kids sitting in the stroller. This stroller has five point adjustable harnesses to assure kids safety while taking them for rides on terrains and on sloppy roads. You can fold this like an umbrella and store in your trunks. The canopy protects kids from the sun shine and rains. This is equipped with a large shopping basket to keep things in it without you holding with your hands. The swivel wheels assure safer ride of your little ones.


  • Specially for infants
  • Easy to fold
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Big basket to store things


  • Cannot use on uneven roads
  • It is not ideal for joggers

Joie Nitro Stroller – Caribbean

This is the lightweight yet cost-effective travel mate can be carried to anyplace while travelling and unfold it. It is perfect for newborns to 4 years old kids. The five position reclining seat will allow kids to sleep like in their bed, sit and take rest. This is easy to fold and hold in your hands. There are two adjustable positions for the kids to keep their foot. The ergonomic foam handle will let parents to hold the handle and push the stroller for longer hours without straining their hands. The hood equipped with visor and window allows parents to keep a tab on their kids while strolling. You can keep the purchased items in the shopping basket under the seating area. The convenient handle and brakes assure kids safety.


  • Made for infants to 4 years kids
  • Lightweight
  • Equipped with safety harness
  • Durable
  • Easy to fold
  • Equipped with canopy to protect kids from the sun
  • Soft fabric cover is removable and is machine washable


  • Not suitable to stroll on bumpy roads or terrains
  • It is not ideal for joggers

Final Verdict: This stroller is power-packed with many comfortable options that make kids ride really pleasurable while letting you couple have great time walking on roads together. On top of it, the harness cover and soft fabric will not stop the kids desire to go for more and more rides in it.

Product Name 4Baby Everyday Stroller – Hot Pink 4Baby Breeze Layback Stroller – Black / Grey Joie Nitro Stroller – Caribbean
Weight 5kg 6.8kg 7.66kg
Rating 4.5/5 4.5/5 4.5/5
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Wrapping up: Baby bunting strollers are perfect to take your baby for jog, walk or for shopping. These are exclusively designed to strap your baby into the stroller and take them for daily walk to the close by parks to let them catch some fresh air.